Graduates click this link to create a cap and gown appointment.

Medicine Hat High School: Mar 21-25 and Mar 28-Apr 1

Retakes: Apr 19-20
Buddy/Doggy days: Apr 19-21

Ladies should wear a scoop neck shirt (most wear a tank top) so that their collar doesn’t peak through the neck of the grad gown, also for MHHS and CHHS students it is possible that a dark logo or text could show through the white gowns.
Remember that there are some poses that show your hands, so if you nail polish is chipped it will be visible in your photos.

Gents should wear a nice dress shirt and tie. Most guys wear a dark tie, you may choose the colour of your tie but please keep in mind that you will be wearing a grad gown that matches your school colour.
Remember that your hands will be in some of the photos and if you do auto mechanics or other work that makes your hands dirty, it will show up in the photos.

Please make sure that you know one of your parent’s email addresses. We would like to send them information directly regarding your photos.
Do not bring a pet to your sitting. We are planning a dog day separate from regular photos. We are also planning a buddy day separate from regular photos.
We have discontinued doing photographing cats with grads in their grad gowns due to damage to gowns.